Registration can either be handled on-site on the day of an event or through the ASR website (linked above). Gates open at 8AM and there’s a mandatory 9AM driver’s meeting. Registration and payment can be handled either before or after the meeting.

Super Lap entrance fee is $60. This covers the full day (9AM-5PM).

Spectators pay $5 at the main gate. Anyone in attendance is allowed ride-alongs but they must sign a release waiver before strapping into a car.




Vehicles are classed based on their weight divided by their peak HP (Weight/WHP=Class)

  • TA-A: 15.00 and up

  • TA-B: 14.99 to 10.00

  • TA-C: 09.99 and below

Down-classing of vehicles are NOT allowed, however, up-classing is.
ex. a: Acceptable: TA-A declared as TA-B, TA-B declared as TA-C
ex. b: Non-acceptable: TA-C declared as TA-B, TA-B declared as TA-A.

Vehicles may add ballast for classing but are limited to a maximum of 250 total pounds added.



Failure to read and abide by these simple rules could result in a noncompliance disqualification and/or being kept from driving on track at an event so please read carefully.

  • Tow hooks (singular) are mandatory (OEM is acceptable, front or rear doesn’t matter)

  • Battery must be properly secured

  • Positive battery terminal must be properly covered

  • ALL lug nuts must be present and properly torqued

  • ALL bolts/nuts to secure seats must be present and properly torqued

  • In-car fire extinguishers, while not mandatory, are STRONGLY recommended.


You may attend, drive and compete in any Super Lap event with non-DOT tires, however points will not be awarded to a driver on non-DOT tires.


  • No passengers allowed in any vehicle competing in the Time Attack.

  • ASR Super Lap officials reserve the right to perform any compliance checks that they deem necessary, including but not limited to the following:

    • GPS Compliance System

    • “Sealing” a vehicle to check compliance

    • Weighing